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Your employee information lives in a disconnected mess of spreadsheets, databases, applications and systems.
What if data from all these sources was automatically pulled into 1 location, in real time? EmployeeBoss makes that a reality.
It imports, cleans, associates and schedules your workforce data, bringing it all on to 1 intuitive Cloud-based platform.
Now, Visualize your organisation.
EmployeeBoss automatically maps your entire organisation into 1 dynamic, drillable org chart.
See headcounts, budgeted salaries, performance - by region, office, function.
Zoom in on individual employees and view all information associated with them.
Access and share up-to-the-minute org charts and create a platform for informed decision-making

Then build the ultimate workforce dashboard


Anyone-from CEO to Administrator

can create views of the workforce data that matters most to them.

Just point EmployeeBoss at your data and it will immediately start collecting & indexing
- so you can visualise, mash up & report on any workforce information.

Drag & drop reports into dashboards for at-a-glance views of your employee landscape.

Strategic workforce planning and analysis
To be strategic you need to understand the workforce.
This is where you begin to experience the benefits of employee Big Data.
  • Conditional formatting tools highlight outliers and user-defined criteria
  • Drag and drop to explore alternative futures and simulate 'what-if' business scenarios
  • Self-serve analytics help everyone- from CEO to sales manager- plan faster and smarter






Welcome to Workforce Predictive Analytics.
This is where the fun starts.
By now, you have enough data to proactively manage your employee workforce
  • True drivers of workforce performance
  • Detect patterns and find anomalies






Put the power of workforce data in the hands of the C-suite
Employee data isn't just for HR.
EmployeeBoss is an organization-wide platform that will align your company on all business decisions affected by employee data. It will transform the way your company sees Human Resources data.
  • We deliver millions of dollars in profit to our clients by enabling them to drive huge improvements in measures such as customer satisfaction, sales performance and lowered attrition.
  • Companies are investing in workforce optimization and analytics for a simple reason: to proactively improve productivity, increase employee retention and save money by understanding the real dynamics of their employee population.


"Real time questions
real time answers".
92%* are frustrated that
they cannot answer business critical questions
when they need to.
Can you?

(*Source: Asia HR Big Data Survey 2014)

Don't just take our word for it.
Join Asia's recognized leader in Workforce Technology.
All employee data,
you want it.


Let's get started.

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